Secrets of the Little Blue Box

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There is another notable anniversary this month. Exactly 40 years ago, an article titled Secrets of the Little Blue Box was published in the October 1971 Esquire magazine. The article has shown how Blue Boxing could be used to get control over telephone company's switching equipment. It contains interviews with Captain Crunch, Joybubbles and several other phone phreaks which helped to popularize the phone phreaking culture. For example, after reading the Esquire article, Steve Wozniak aka "Berkeley Blue" built and sold blue boxes to help fund his other pet project - Apple I.

The days of blueboxing are long gone; however, you can still relive the glory days of phone phreaking thanks to Project MF. The project has set up a public Asterisk box with patches to enable in-band signaling thus allowing you to use the 2600 Hz tone. The number for the Asterisk box is 630-485-2995. If you don't feel like building a hardware blue box, there are a number of software based blue boxes including Android and iPhone apps. Enjoy!

Posted by iphelix on Oct 15, 2011
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